Month: December 2018

Automatic control system for water pump

INSTRUCTIONS FOR CORRECT UNIT INSTALLATION Pump controller A》 If the column of water between the pump and the highest tap exceeds 15mts, the unit cannot be installed directly on the pump controller, but it has to be raised until the column of water between the unit and the highest tap does not exceed 15mts. I.E:If

Power supply system

Important Safety Warning Please comply with all warnings and operating instructions in this post strictly. Save this manual properly and read carefully the following instructions before installing the unit. Do not operate this unit before reading through all safety information and operating instructions carefully. A》 Transportation 》Please transport the UPS system only in the original

voltage and current measurement

VOLTAGE AND CURRENT MEASUREMENT 1》 Liquid Crystal Display 》 Digital Display The digital display shows the measurement value, decimal point and sign. When measuring DC quantities minus sign appears in front of the digits, if the positive pole of the measurement magnitude is applied to the “~” input. “OL appears if the measuring range upper

Multimeter || Digital Multimeter

Multi-meter & Digital Multi-meter Safety Features and Precautions You have selected an instrument which provides you with a high level of safety. The digital multimeter is manufactured in compliance with safety regulations IEC 61010-1:2001/EN 61010-1:200 To maintain the safe and proper condition of the meters and to ensure their safe operation, it is absolutely necessary


SCHUBERTH SAFETY HELMET Congratulations! You have made an excellent choice with this safety helmet. The safety helmet conforma to the requirements of DIN EN 397 and is a SCHUBERTH quality product that has beon specifically developed for the particular application. Safety helmet ore personal protective equipment and help to prevent head injuries or at least to