Month: February 2019

List of California based auto insurance companies

There are more than 50 auto insurance companies in California. This makes it very difficult to know which insurance company to buy coverage. However, the surprising thing about these auto insurance companies is that each company provides very unique benefits and services. While most people are familiar with Allstate, Geico, Progressive and State Farm Insurance,

Electric water pump motor

1. PORDUCTS OVERVIEW Clean Water Pumps(hereafter referred to as simply “electri c pump”) include peripheral pumps of models QB, SOm, WZB, AWZB, PW and centrifugal pumps of models SHF(m), CP(m), PC, 2SGP(m), SGT PUM, PR(m),KSW and jet pumps of models JET, PTB, SGJW. The electric pump is made up of motor, water pump and seal.