List of California based auto insurance companies

There are more than 50 auto insurance companies in California. This makes it very difficult to know which insurance company to buy coverage.

Insurance companies
Insurance companies

However, the surprising thing about these auto insurance companies is that each company provides very unique benefits and services.

While most people are familiar with Allstate, Geico, Progressive and State Farm Insurance, there are many other top auto insurance companies in California, which many of the drivers might not have heard or did not work about.

In this article, we are going to share a list of auto insurance companies located in the state of California.

1. Exchange exchange of Automobile Club and AAA North

Automobile Clubs and AAA Northern’s InterInvestment Exchange are two companies that connect AAA members in the state of California to serve.

The InterCity Exchange of Automobile Club serves AAA members in Southern California, while AAA Northern Services AAA member in North California, hence the name.

These two auto insurance companies are considered the second and third largest California auto insurers. By coming together, they formed the largest California auto insurer with 15.73% market share.

The Automobile Club and AAA Northern’s InterInference Exchange provide cheap insurance compared to California’s major insurance companies. However, for the purchase of insurance through the AAA, a person’s license can not be less than three years, and you may not get accelerated by ticket or accidentally in the last three years. Does it make it hard to get in right?

2. State Agricultural Insurance

State Farm Insurance is considered to be the second larges auto insurance company in the state of California. This State Agricultural Insurance takes a market share of 14.4% in California.

Beyond basic insurance coverage, State Form also offers classic car insurance and antique coverage quotes through its agents.

According to popular records the State Farm is known as a California based insurance company with very little complaining proportion and it is enough to provide insurance options to meet the needs of any driver.

3. State Insurance

All state Insurance is the third largest auto insurance company in California with a market share of 6.7%. The Allstate Insurance affiliate program has enriched a lot of insurance agents and bloggers.

While the company offers a variety of policies, your choice is auto-most popular policy that allstates. In addition, the company provides special insurance for expensive and luxury cars, such as Ferrari. You can see how to calculate the Allstate car loan.

4. Mercury Insurance Group

This Mercury Insurance Group is California’s fourth-largest auto insurance company with a market share of 6.5%.

Mercury Insurance Group is known to sell auto insurance for a reasonable price. Another thing that separates them from other California-based insurance companies is their superb customer service. This is very evident in their track record of very reasonable complaints.

The fair justification of Mercury is the lowest among California Auto Insurance Companies, which makes it the Best California Auto Insurance Company in terms of customer service. Using this strategy, their agents have continued to steal customers legally from their competitors.

5. Mid-Century Insurance Company

Mid-Century Insurance Company is a subsidiary of Kisan Insurance Exchange. With a market share of 5.7%, Mid-Century is the fifth largest auto insurance company in California. However, the company acts as a non-standard high risk insurance company. Mid-Century is specializing in insuring people who have more than one accident accident or very fast ticket.

While mid-century insurance can be a good option for those who qualify for high risk insurance, its premium is high. However, with a good driver discount of up to 9% in safe driving discounts and 20%, drivers who are looking for standard insurance should also consider the Mid-Century.

6. 21st Century Insurance Company

The 21st Century Insurance Company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Farmer’s 21st Century Insurance Company. The company specializes in insuring luxury cars like Ferrar and Jaguar, and California has 3% market share.

If a driver is accident-free for four years, then the company offers a better driver rebate of 10%. If a driver is accident-free for more than five years, then the better discount of that driver increases to 20%. However, compared to other companies in California the average insurance premium is a bit higher.

7. Access Insurance Company

Access Insurance Company is a popular known auto insurance company with a market share of approximately 2% in the state of California. The Access Insurance Group is known for offering cheap auto insurance for basic cars, as well as offering comparatively cheap auto insurance for more expensive cars like BMW.

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