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Electric water pump motor

1. PORDUCTS OVERVIEW Clean Water Pumps(hereafter referred to as simply “electri c pump”) include peripheral pumps of models QB, SOm, WZB, AWZB, PW and centrifugal pumps of models SHF(m), CP(m), PC, 2SGP(m), SGT PUM, PR(m),KSW and jet pumps of models JET, PTB, SGJW. The electric pump is made up of motor, water pump and seal.

Furnace maintenance

Operation of the furnace maintenance should be in accordance with the procedures described in individual system VIP instruction manuals, bulletins, or data provided with the power supply used. Observe all precautions in the Foreword section of this manual. 1. CHECKOUT The following checkout procedure should be carefully followed prior to operating the furnace: a. Inspect the

furnace maintenance checklist

1. PERIODIC MAINTENANCE CHECKS. Duraline furnaces require very little routine maintenance. However,systematic scheduled attention to general inspection, cleaning, and adjustments can prevent equipment failure and loss of production time. The following maintenance schedule is suggested as a guide for this procedure. WARNING :- Do not perform any maintenance on the system with power on. Place cabinet