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Power supply system

Important Safety Warning Please comply with all warnings and operating instructions in this post strictly. Save this manual properly and read carefully the following instructions before installing the unit. Do not operate this unit before reading through all safety information and operating instructions carefully. Transportation Please transport the UPS system only in the original package


(1). SAFETY NOTICE The objective of these instructions is to help make capacitor users aware of application and handling practices which will aid them in the use of power capacitors. The guides cover good practices in receiving, handling, installing, field-testing and disposal of power capacitor unit. The guides do not addross themselves to the requirements

Test procedur || Start Up

(1) GENERAL This section covers test procedure and start-up requirements for tho VIP system The actual procedure is usually performed by INDUCTOTHERM service engineer It is recommended that customer maintenance and operating personnel assist in this operation in order to complete. the tests quickly and gain experience in operating the unit during a melt cycle