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The Climax mask mod.761 and Climax filter mod. 761 set has been designed taking into account the essential requirements applicable to it of Royal Decree 1407/1992 and its later modifications based on applying the relevant sections of regulations UNE-EN 140 UNE- EN 141 and UNE-EN 143.

Body involved in the design stage :


Notified Control Body: 0159. Autopista de San Pablo s/n. SEVILLE SPAIN


The mask 761 and filter 760 set is designed for entering polluted environments with an oxygen content of over 17 % . The set does not supply breathable air, instead, it purifies the existing air when it passes through the filter. It is important to determine the following information before use.

Entity the nature of the substance(s) that may be in the work environment.

The maximum concentration of toxic substances that may be in the work environment.

That there is enough oxygen in the work area.

The threshold limit value (TLV) for each substance identify.

The amount of time the mask-filter set will be required.


B – Grey – Inorganic gases and vapours

E – Yellow – Sulphur dioxide and other inorganic gases and vapours

K – Green – Ammonia and derivatives thereof

The A. B. E. K type gas filters are classified according to their capacity in the following manner.

Class 1: Low capacity filters.
Class 2: Medium capacity filters
Class 3: High capacity filters


Particle filters. Particle filters are classified into three classes according to their filtering effectiveness: P1, P2 and P3

P1 – Low effectiveness | 80 % retention.
P2 – Medium effectiveness | 94 % retention.
P3 – High effectiveness | 99.95 % retention.

Maintenance Safety

Safety Precaution


For correct use, the mask should fit the shape of the face, with the head haness fitted around the crown of the head and the lower strap behind the head (see figure 1).
Gently puill the rubber strips to adjust their length.
To check that the set is well fitted, inhale with the fillter screwed in while blocking the passage of the air. The mask should contract and stick to the users face.



The expiry date is valid as long as they have not been removed from their original packaging. The expiry date will change if the filter is not in its original packaging or has not been stored under the specified conditions.
If we take into account that the filters gradually become saturated the user can tell when they have expired when any characteristic of the pollutant is perceived (through taste, smell, itch, etc) in the case of chemical filter, and increased resistance to breathing in the case of mechanical filters.



Store the set in a clean, dry place, away from moisture, direct sunlight and pollutants in the following conditions.
Temperature: 5°C to 40°C Humidity : 20 % to 80 % relative humidity.
During transport, we recommend that you keep the set in an airtight bog.


The valves and the filter must be removed before carrying out any such operation.


We recommend that the set be used by one person only. If it is going to be used by more than one person. it must be disinfected before use, by immersing it in a solution of 4.63 g/l of carbolic acid.
1.54 g/l c of sodium tetraborate: 0.79 g/l of sodium carbonate and 1.31g/1 of glutaraldehyde, for 15 minutes.

It must be cleaned using neutral soapy water. You must never use petroleum derivatives chleinated fluids or basic organic solvents.
Rinse with clean water. Dry the parts completely. Clean the filter casing with a dry cloth.


The mas bears the following safety markings.
Manufacturer. Climax
Model: 761
Regulation; EN 140
Manufacturing date: Clock format
Certification and Control Body: CE 0159
The filter bears a color sticker with the following information: Manufacturer: Climax
Model: 760 and filter type Description of the pollutant with which it may be used
Regulation: EN 141 or  EN 143
Certification and Control Body: CE 0159
The following sentence: See instructions for use
Expiry date
Storage conditions:


WARNINGS :-  Do not alter or modify the set, as this will alter any certification and may contribute to reducing the user’s protection.
Care must be taken when this equipment is used in explosive environments or in atmospheres enriched with oxygen.
Use of the set is limited to the concentration of toxins in the environment. The maximum concentration for which it used will depend on the TLV. (threshold limit value for each kind of gas).
We recommend that only one person uses each mask in order to reduce the risk of infection.
It is likely that air-tightness requirements will not be met for users with beards. physical deformities on their face or who use glasses that are incompatible with the equipment.
The equipment must not be used in environments where the level of oxygen is lower than 17 % .

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