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Safety Features and Precautions

You have selected an instrument which provides you with a high level of safety.
The digital multimeter is manufactured in compliance with safety regulations IEC 61010-1:2001/EN 61010-1:200
To maintain the safe and proper condition of the meters and to ensure their safe operation, it is absolutely necessary to carefully and completely read these operating instructions before using any meter.
These instructions must be followed in all respects.

Types of multimeter

Observe the following safety precautions

digital multimeter working
1》 The meter must only be operated by persons who understand the danger of shock hazards and know how to apply safety precautions digital multimeter.
2》 Do not work alone in shock hazardous environment while carrying out measurement The maximum allowable voltage between any terminal sockets (1) and earth is equal to 600 V (CAT II) and 300 V (CAT II) for CAT III Meter, and 1000 V for CAT II Meters digital multi meter.
3》 Measurements under moist ambient conditions are not permitted.
4》 Do not exceed the permissible overload limits of the measuring ranges. Limit values can be found in the table “Measuring Ranges” in chapter 15 “Specifications”.
5》 All current ranges are equipped with fuses. The maximum circuit allowable voltage for the measuring current ( =nominal voltage of the fuse ) is equal to 600 V ~ .
6》 The instrument may only be used in power installations when the electrical circuit is protected with a 20 A fuse or circuit breaker, and the nominal voltage of the installation does not exceed 600 V(CAT III) and 1000 V (CAT II). digital multi  meter


The measurement category and relevant maximum rated 2 voltage (e.g. 600  V CAT II) which are shown on the instrument casing apply to your measuring instrument.

Repair, Parts Replacement and Calibration

After opening the meter, live parts may be exposed. There fore, the meter must be disconnected from the measuring circuit prior to opening its case for repair, replacement of parts of calibration.
digital multimeter how to use

Faults and extraordinary Stress

digital multimeter function

》when the meter shows oblivious sign of damage,
》when the meter no longer functions correctly
》after a prolonged storage under adverse conditions
》due to severe stress due to transportation.

voltage and current measurement

2 Initial Start-Up

Fit the meter with battery (batteries) provided along with the meter please see chapter 16.1, before initial start-up of your instrument, or after a lengthy period of storage.

Switching the Meter ON

All of the segments of LCD are activated briefly A drawing of the LCD can be found on page 2.
Note ! :- Electrical discharge and high frequency interference can cause incorrect displays, and may block the measuring sequence. To reset, switch the meter off, and then back on.  

Automatic turn-OFF

Your meter switches itself OFF automatically after 15 minutes, if no keys or the selector switch have been activated during this time.
Switching the Meter back ON
Activate the HOLD/ON key.

3. Selecting Measuring Functions and Ranges

1》 Measuring Function Selection The desired measuring function is selected with the Function selector switch (blue or yellow printing). In order to select the function printed in yellow half circle, the yellow multi function key must also be pressed. If the multi function key is pressed again, the function printed in blue half circle is reactivated.
2》 Automatic Measuring Range Selection These digital multimeter features auto ranging for all measuring ranges. According to the measured quantity applied, the meter automatically selects the measuring range which gives the best resolution.

3》 Manual Measuring Range Selection You can switch OFF auto ranging, select and fix the ranges manually according to the table given on page First select the desired measuring function with the 10 function selector switch and, if appropriate, the multi function key Briefly activate the AUTO/MAN key.

Manual mode is switched OFF if you press and hold the AUTO/MAN key until you hear a second acoustic signal, and the display switches to AUTO When switching back to automatic operation in the 400 mV- range occurs, the 4 V- range is activated.

Note :- For Temperature ( ° C ) , Frequency ( Hz ) , Duty cycle ( % ) and Capacitance (F) measuring range is always Auto. No manual range selection is possible.


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