Foreword and safety precautions

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Furnace maintenance

Operation of the furnace maintenance should be in accordance with the procedures described in individual system VIP instruction manuals, bulletins, or data provided with the power supply used. Observe all precautions in the Foreword section of this manual. 1. CHECKOUT The following checkout procedure should be carefully followed prior to operating the furnace: a. Inspect the

furnace maintenance checklist

1. PERIODIC MAINTENANCE CHECKS. Duraline furnaces require very little routine maintenance. However,systematic scheduled attention to general inspection, cleaning, and adjustments can prevent equipment failure and loss of production time. The following maintenance schedule is suggested as a guide for this procedure. WARNING :- Do not perform any maintenance on the system with power on. Place cabinet

Hydraulic System

Hydraulic Power Pack The Power pack consists of an oil reservoir, a pump driven by an electric motor, filters pressure gauges and valves to control the flow or pressure of oil. It is designed to be used in a harsh foundry environment and should provide years of service if properly maintained. That’s why we wish


GENERAL PRECAUTIONS Hydraulic Cylinders which have been in storage for some time should be lubricated and cycled several times before they are installed on machines and subjected to actual working loads. Excessive break-loose and cycling pressures indicate the cylinder may have been damaged during shipment or storage. Costly installation and removal time can be eliminated


(1). SAFETY NOTICE The objective of these instructions is to help make capacitor users aware of application and handling practices which will aid them in the use of power capacitors. The guides cover good practices in receiving, handling, installing, field-testing and disposal of power capacitor unit. The guides do not addross themselves to the requirements

Test procedur || Start Up

(1) GENERAL This section covers test procedure and start-up requirements for tho VIP system The actual procedure is usually performed by INDUCTOTHERM service engineer It is recommended that customer maintenance and operating personnel assist in this operation in order to complete. the tests quickly and gain experience in operating the unit during a melt cycle

Induction Furnace heating

INTRODUCTION 1.1 GENERAL This manual is divided into vanious sections that will provide informaion on safety operation mainlenance and funclional descriptions of the systems. Itl is essential that the drawings and data packages included with each system be examined and understood prior to installation or operation of the unit Where a differenco exists between data

Safety Precaution

(1) GENERAL Inductotherm Power-Track/Power-Melt are efficient units, designed with interlocks and circuit protection modules. Operators, however, should be aware of all potential hazards involving high voltage and general foundry operations. The following safety precautions should be read and understood by all operating and maintenance personnel and man- agrment personnel responsible for safety.   (2) SAFETY PRECAUTIONS