Reasons to Seek Relationship Counselling

Relationships are very delicate, especially marriages. For some of you “marriages are made in heaven” but for others “it is made in the hell”. Intimate relationships became successful when the physical or emotional intimacy between two individuals is at its best. Many relationships often seem to be working from outside but actually marred by underneath bitterness. When the level of resentment surpasses your limit of acceptance, compromise, and patience it bursts out.

Are you in such kind of crisis? Then for heaven’s sake don’t prolong your issues too long. Couples often try to hide their problems pretending as if nothing has happened. They decide to go for Relationship Counselling at an advanced stage of the crisis when things have taken a nasty shape. Every relationship has ups and downs…moment’s merriness and misery. There are ups and downs in every relationship … sadness and sadness of the moment. But it is going beyond your control then takes it seriously and go for professional help immediately. Let’s have a look at the 6 Reasons to Seek Relationship Counselling or marriage counselling .


6 Reasons for Relationship Counselling


Reasons to Seek Relationship Counselling
Reasons to Seek Relationship Counselling

1. Regular Conflicts


Conflicts are inevitable in relations as two separate human beings having different sets of physical, mental, and spiritual wants. But it can destroy any relationship even in a minute. If regular conflicts are occurring in your relationship then take the help of a counselor. After counseling, you would be able to handle conflicts in a healthier manner. You will discover how to settle the conflict in a healthful manner.


2. Poor Communication


When you argue too much and failed to understand each other it adversely affects your bonding. In marriage counseling, you will become skilled at interpersonal communication skills that will facilitate you to listen to your spouse more attentively. Both of you will communicate more clearly, openly and unambiguously.


3. Misunderstanding


Sometimes you feel that your partner is failing to understand your situation. This makes you angry, frustrated. It’s time to take help. After taking support from professionals you will be able to have a greater understanding of your partner. You will also develop a keen understanding of the emotion of your spouse.


4. Distrust


Distrust kills relationships. It often leads to worsening situations in relationships. If you feel the trust level has diminished in your relationship then try to rebuild trust. It’s not always easy

for you to deal with it. Better take Relationship Counselling before things go out of your hands.


5. Money Matters


If you have differences of opinion with your partner over spending pattern, savings ways, possession of cash or property then you are moving towards a disaster. Better take advantage of Relationship Counselling.


6. Sex and intimacy issues


Your body and mind are dissimilar from your partner. Hence the desire for sex and intimacy differs. In successful relations partners discover a level playing field. If your sex life is marred with different issues and problems and your intimacy with a partner going down every day then seek counseling straight away.




Relationships are beautiful when there is harmony, peach, and love in it. The above- discussed Reasons to Seek Relationship Counselling are some of the common ones. There could be many other reasons as well. The bottom line is: Never ever delay the situation if you feel your relationship with your loved one is at stake. Try to resolve it by discussing with your partner. If it doesn’t work or things have gone out of proportion then seek Relationship Counselling instantly.

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