What factors affect the salary range of lawyers

What Factors Affect the Salary Range of Lawyers?

The law is one of the highest paid businesses ; However, on the basis of many factors there is a significant difference in the pay of the lawyers. U.S. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, by May 2010, lawyers received an average salary of $ 112,760 annually. New York, Chicago and San Francisco lawyers are one of the highest paid payments . In addition to the geographical location, in the factors affecting the salaries of the lawyers , the position of the lawyer is within a law firm , whether it represents the plaintiff or the defendant, or if he works independently or in the home for the corporation The lawyer .


Benefits for Legal vs. Legal Aid

First-year associates can order six-figure wages for some of the largest law firms in the country; However, lawyers who work for nonprofits, such as legal aid, make about $ 40,000 in their first year, 2006 Washington, D.C. Executive Director of Legal Aid Society, Jonathan M. According to Smith. Salaries for lawyers working in the field of profit are generally much higher than lawyers , who dedicate their careers for non-profits, such as legal aid.

Employment sector

The salaries of lawyers employed in the private sector are often different from those given to the lawyers employed by public agencies such as the federal, state and municipal government agencies.

In an effort to make federal
government jobs more attractive for private sector applicants, the goal of the federal government is to review the salaries for posts in the General Service (GS) job classification to ensure that they are looking for private sector jobs Are competitive with.

In the Federal Employee Wages Comparison Act of 1990, for the salary of the federal government, it has been called for not exceeding 5% compared to the private sector salary. However, public sector jobs for lawyers are not always as attractive as private sector employment.


Lawyers’s wages vary according to their representation. Lawyers who represent the plaintiff – The parties who started a lawsuit – can earn salaries per hour, a retainer or their casual fees. An emergency fee is one percent that an attorney levies on behalf of his clients, usually 25 to 35 percent of the proceeds from the lawsuit or settlement. Lawyers that represent Defendants – companies or individuals representing the plaintiff – can make their pay base on a per hour rate, a successor or a combination of two.


The top-down hierarchy in many law firms is as follows: Equity or Senior Partner, Non-Equity or Junior Partner, Senior Partner and Junior Partner. An equity or senior partner is a shareholder in that firm, which receives part of the firm’s revenue except annual salary based on the rate per hour given to the firm’s customers.

According to the Internet legal research group, senior lawyers with midsize law firms in 2011 earned $ 132,500 to $ 218,750 Junior partners generally do not get equity share payments, and they receive pay based on the rate per hour, which is usually lower than that. Above above the senior partner and a colleague. Junior associate wages are paid to recent law school graduates and lawyers who are new to the practice of law.


Corporations are advocated in-house councils, who work as employees of an organization rather than working independently on behalf of many different clients, like their own legal firm counterparts.

Working as an in-house lawyer usually means the lawyer earns a certain salary based on the organization’s compensation structure. In 2011, the Internet Legal Research Group found that licensed lawyers with less than 10 years of experience, working at home work up to $ 178,250 annually. Tenants employed by schools as assistant professors in term-track roles for full professors generally get pay in line with pay paid to other university professors.

Along with other roles in the field of education, professors of the university and government schools earn less by lawyers in private practice.

Salary Information for 2019 lawyers

U.S. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the lawyers earned an average annual salary of $ 118,160 in 2019. In the short term, lawyers earned 25 percent of the salary of $ 77,580, which means that 75 percent more earnings than this amount. 75 percent salary is $ 176,580, which means that 25 percent earn more. In 2019, the U.S. In 792,500 people were employed as lawyers.

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